Day 4 - Province Chapter


Day 4

March 19


The Chapter body continued the
process of discernment and election this time for delegates to the
Intercontinental Assemblies (ICA), Congregational Assembly of Contemplative
Sisters (CACS) and the Congregational Chapter. All these gathering are
scheduled to be held in Angers, France. Sr. Añanita Borbon gave a review of the
documents the Chapter Planning Committee (CPC) sent regarding the discernment
process. Sr. Regina Kuizon presented the number of delegates to be elected
based on the guidelines set by the CPC as follows:

2 Apostolic delegates for the
Congregational Chapter

3 Delegates for the ICA

4 Delegates for the CACS

The Contemplative delegates for
the Congregational Chapter will be elected during the Congregational Assembly
of Contemplative Sisters.

It was agreed that since a
substitute is required for the Congregational Chapter this delegate will also
be elected and she will automatically attend the ICA. This being the case, only
two delegates will be elected for the ICA.

The elected delegates are:

Congregational Chapter

Sr. M. Genoveva Dumay

Sr. Ma. Arabella Balingao

3. Sr. Ma. Gemma Dinglasan


Congregational Assembly for
Contemplative Sisters (CACS)

Sr. M. Lilly Simon Sorop

Sr. Imelda Fuentes

Sr. Laarni Bongato

4. Sr. Ronafel de Leon


Intercontinental Assembly (ICA)

Sr. M. Angelita Clemen

2. Sr. M. Paula Saeki