Good Shepherd Sisters Worldwide

Good Shepherd Sisters around the World

- The Good Shepherd Mother House is in Angers, France

- The Good Shepherd Generalate is in Rome, Italy.

The congregation is grouped as Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, RIMOA). Below are the units-- province, district, sector-- in the different continents

Asia-Pacific Circle:  

1. Province of North East Asia (Korea, HongKong, Taiwan, China, Macau),
2. Province of East Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam),
3. Province of Southwest India
4. Province of Central India/Nepal 
5. Province of Indonesia,
6. Province of the Philippines-Japan
7. Province of Singapore/Malaysia,
8. Province of Sri Lanka/Pakistan,
9. Province of Australia/Aotearoa & New Zealand.

North America:

1. Province of Canada,
2. Province of New York
3. Province of Mid-North America.

Latin America: (REAL, Red America Latina)

1. Province of Argentina/Uruguay,
2. Province of South East Latin America (Belo Horizonte, Recife, Paraguay)
3. Province of Colombo/ Venezolana
4. Province of Bolivia/Chile,
5. Province of Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and Honduras),
6. Province of Ecuador,
7. Province of Medellin,
8. Province of Mexico,
9. Province of Peru,


1. Province of Austria/Switzerland/Czech Republic,
2. Province of Spain,
3. Province of France/Belgium/Magyarorszag,
4. Province of Germany/Albania
5. Province of Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland),
6. Province of Ireland, 
7. Province of Italy/Malta,
8. Community of the Netherlands,
9. Province of Portugal

RIMOA (Reseau Iles, Moyen Orient, Afrique or Network of The Isles, Middle East and Africa)

1. Province of Lebanon/Syria,
2. Province of Egypt/Sudan,
3. District of The Isles (Madagascar, Mauritius and Reunion),
4. Sector of Kenya/Congo,
5. Sector  of West Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso)
6. Sector of Angola,
7. Sector of South Africa,
8. Community of Mozambique.